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Our Services


Interior Services.

- Metal and wood framing.

- Insulation.

- Drywall repair and installation.

- Kitchen remodeling.

- Bathroom remodeling.

- flooring installation.

- Trim, moldings and baseboard installation.

- Tile installation.

- Windows and doors installation.

- Interior paint. 

- Basement remodeling.

- Demolitions.


Exterior Services.

- Fence installation.

- Sliding patio door installation.

- Exterior paint. 

- Deck-platforms for patios and porches.

- Gazebo installation.

- Soft wash.

- Concrete patio floor.

Process of the services we provide to our customers.

Vene Construction LLC is the go to choice for all your construction needs. Our experience provides top-notch quality work, with careful attention to every detail. We are dedicated to providing professional services from start to finish, no matter the size of the project.

Start stage.

 Before we start any project, we make sure to consult with the customer to determine their exact needs and expectations. Additionally, we take great care to ensure that our work areas are as safe, clean, and professional as possible. Learn more about our recent projects and see how Vene Construction LLC can help you today.

Mid stage.

 In this stage of the project, we make sure we show the progress to our customers and ensure they are happy, while maintaining clear communication with them throughout our services. 

Final stage.

This is our most important stage of any services we deliver to you, we will do a walk through with the customer making sure we satisfied their expectations, any small detail or defect we will fix it under the warranty of our professionalism.

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